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¿Cómo perder peso después de tener hijos?

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We got a very interesting question from a reader asking how to lose weight after having kids.  The reader explains that she had gained 25 pounds since having two kids and how she is trying to lose 20 pounds through diet and exercise.


I have not worked out consistently for 6 years.  I have gained approximately 25 pounds since having my two boys.  The oldest is 4.  I have generally had a healthy diet.  We don’t have chips or junk food around the house.  I like homemade cookies or ice cream.  Those are my weakness.  I like eating fruits and veggies.  I want to lose 20 pounds.  I have been working out for the past 3 weeks and have lost about 2 pounds.  I have been using the treadmill and the elliptical every day.  I am a little discouraged since I want to lose more.  I want to know what my calories should be and how long it should take.  I have been trying to consume only about 1100 calories a day.


Dear Sara thank you for your question and apologies in any delays answering.. I am providing this answer in collaboration with Daniela Slezakova who is an exercise and nutrition professional.  It sounds that you are on the right track in following a healthy diet and exercise. There are a few ways to lose weight fast. We have summarized a few suggestions for you bellow.

1. You are probably doing too much cardio exercise work. It is best to lower the amount of cardio and add a few strength (i.e. weight) exercises. For increasing fat burning is better to do strength exercising first (that could be 30min) and cardio after (for another 20 min). Allow some time for warm up and cool down. If you try aerobic exercise in intervals it even better. What we mean by that? Example: walk for 5 min and then run fast for 5 min and then walk again for 5 and so on. Exercising for 5 days a week should be enough and allow the 2 days for your body to rest and recover. You can still be active for those 2 days with general activities, or go for a walk etc.

It is always recommended that you consult a fitness professional who could show you the correct techniques for performing exercises to avoid injuries. A professional can also assess your fitness level and recommend specific exercises appropriate for you.

2. Try to increase your calorie intake. I know that it may not sound right to increase your calories if you want to lose weight. However, if you are exercising 5 days a week you may be putting too much stress on your body and you could have the opposite result than what you want. If you increase your calories to about 1500kcal should be sufficient.

3. It is good that you are trying to eat healthy so aim that your extra calories are coming from healthier food. Try to have a balance and eat all macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat). You are saying that you do not eat junk food and chips which is very good. Keep on eating loads of vegetables, salads and also make sure you do eat protein (i.e. meat, fish, dairy, eggs etc). Protein is important for exercising and it can also aid in weight loss. One of the many ways it does it is because it makes you feel full for longer.

I always suggest having a delayed protein based breakfast. By having breakfast 30-60min after you woke up you increase fat burning. Having protein for breakfast in the morning it will make you feel full for longer, it can be better for blood sugar levels and you can avoid having mid day snack cravings.

Always keep well hydrated. 5-6 glasses of water is a good amount, but do keep in mind that when you increase your protein intake and exercise you do need to keep well hydrated. Don’t decrease your liquids intake.

4. It is always helpful to keep a diary of foods and drinks you consume for about a week. This way you can see if there are any extra calories and sugars which you may not have accounted for. Examples are: fizzy drinks, juices (pre-packed), sugary milky coffees and hot drinks energy drinks and bars.

5. Do eat fat as well. I do not particularly recommend opting for low fat versions of foods such as low fat yogurts and cheese. Is better to either have a smaller portion of a full fat cheese or choose a cheese which is lower in fat content like ricotta cheese or cottage cheese. If you are not having fast food, fried food etc you are avoiding the ‘bad’ fats such trans fats. Similarly you can replace vegetable oils hydrogenated oils and margarines with butter and olive oil as the first can be high in trans fats which can be harmful to health (worst than saturated fats which are generally misunderstood). Fats from foods such as oily fish, nuts (avoid the ones cooked in vegetable oil), and avocado belong in the category of essential fats and are beneficial to health so do include them in your diet. Moreover, some studies suggest that the body can cope better in processing fats rather than sugar.

6. Finally don’t be discouraged by not having lost a lot of weight. It could be that by exercising you have developed more muscle which is heavier than fat. Fat loss could be hidden by the muscle increase when you weigh yourself so try measuring as well. You may find that you have actually lost some inches. Increasing your muscle mass is good for weight loss as well as for your health as it increases metabolic rate (rate by which you burn calories).

Always consult a medical professional before changing your diet or exercise regime especially if there are any pre-existing medical complaints.

I hope that we have answered your enquiries. If you need clarification with any of the points please do contact us.

Author: Hara Hagikalfa and Daniela Slezakova

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